Double Frosty


Human Ranger, Guide Archetype

20 pt buy
Str 16 +2
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 9
Wis 14
Cha 7

1 Power Attack, Exotic Prof: Double Longsword
3 Step Up, Fav Terrain: Cold +2
5 Following Step
7 HW FT: Cold +4, Step Up and Strike
8 HW FT: Cold +6, Terrain Mastery: Cold
9 HW Terrain Dominance: Cold, Improved Crit
11 FT: Cold +8, Crit Focus
13 CSF: Two Weapon Rend, Staggering Crit
15 Feat
16 FT: Cold +10
17 CSF: GTWF, Feat

This is a build I played around with making for Reign of Winter, since it’s mostly focused on cold enemies, but it will work with any type of single terrain focused campaign (desert, jungle, etc). Before you play it, though, double and triple check with your DM the way he interprets terrain dominance. If he allows you to apply it to anything that is cold/can feasibly come from a cold terrain (the nebulous ‘any’ entries are often sticking points for some DMs), then you are a go. If not, this build obviously loses some (but not all) steam.

So what’s this then? Basically it’s a way to make a pretty good Two Weapon Ranger with a dip in Horizon Walker to get Terrain Dominance, allowing you to apply all your Favored Terrain Cold bonuses to hit and damage. Hmm, wonder if that’s going to apply to a lot of critters in a campaign called Reign of Winter? You’ll want to take the Guide archetype with this, since it Terrain Dominance doesn’t stack with Favored Enemy (but does stack with Ranger’s Focus to bring the pain to the BBEG) and Guide is generally a decent archetype for TWF rangers anyway. Going down the Step Up chain of feats lets you make sure you’re always harassing your enemies.


Double Frosty

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