Come at me Brobarian


Half Orc Invulnerable Rager Barbarian
Swap Ferocity for Toothy alt racial power

20pt buy
Str 16 + 2
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 9
Wis 10
Cha 7

or go nuts and take
Str 18 + 2
Dex 14
Con 16
Int 7
Wis 7
Cha 7
(author assumes no responsibility for the DM hatemurdering your roid monkey in his sleep/dominating him into a TPK if you go with that array and make a full orc)

1. Power Attack
Mandatory 1st level barbarian feat. You don’t even get the choice.

2. Rage Power: Lesser Beast Totem
The start of the beast chain. Not shabby for low levels, your claws will do slightly more damage than most weapons since they count as primary attacks and get your full strength bonus. Once you get a magic weapon, you’ll be using that instead. Also comes in handy for being disarmed and/or if you want to try a reach weapon build.

3. Improved Sunder
Break your enemies’ armor and weapons. Fun, and a real crowd pleaser! If you don’t need their loot you can full on destroy their stuff and laugh as they quake with fear. Also has practical uses of destroying enemy spell component pouches and the like.

4. RP: Reckless Abandon
Transfer your power attack penalty to your AC. Accept that your lot in life is to be hit and since you’re now rocking a DR 2/- and have a d12 hit die, enjoy it. Once you have this up and running, you will basically never miss, even with your lowest iteratives.

5. Extra Rage Power: Superstition
Hey, remember how Will saves get you and your party killed? Not anymore! This and a Cloak of Resistance gets your saves to Monk/Pally like levels.

6. RP: Beast Totem
Helps mitigate some of the pain of Reckless Abandon. Also another step on the ladder to badassitude.

7. ERP: Witch Hunter
Get a scaling damage bonus to anything that has spells or spell like abilities. At this point, that will start to be almost everything you want to hit anyway. Crush gnomes at will.

8. RP: Spell Sunder
YES. The first part of the barbarian set of awesome begins. HIT MAGIC SO HARD IT GOES AWAY. Handy for targeting buffs on enemies/that wall of stone blocking you from the caster/silent images for the hell of it. Also get to ignore miss chance from stuff like blur if you hit it, tee hee.

9. Combat Reflexes
COMBO BREAKER. Just another mandatory (ie, not completely wrecking face) step in the chain. Comes in handy at times and/or your DM doesn’t pay attention to grids, but really just a set up for level 12…

10 RP: Greater Beast Totem
The next flavor of awesomesauce arrives: Pounce! Ask your druid buddy with the big cat companion how fun that is. Oh, and your claws are a little better, in the offchance you ever need them.

11. Dazing Assault
Smack em hard enough to knock the taste out of their mouths. A great ability on its own, and since Reckless Abandon is a thing, you could even Power Attack while doing this and still possibly hit. Gets crazy awesome when combined with…

12. RP: Come and Get Me
You’ve done it. Your song will be sung by bards all over the land. Everything after this is gravy. Possibly the single most powerful melee ability in the game, letting you hit them before they hit you. Dazing Assault means that they will suffer for daring to step up to you, and Combat Reflexes means you can do it to pretty much everything around you (or that dude again, in the odd chance the daze doesn’t stick and he thinks hitting you twice is a good idea). I’ve seen DMs just cancel fights when this comes online because there’s not a chance the monsters can stop you.

13. Raging Vitality
In the odd chance you actually drop while raging sometime circa level 8, your temporary HP will go away and you will be instantly hopping aboard the first ship to Sovngarde. Now that won’t happen.

14. RP: Eater of Magic
OM NOM NOM CONE OF COLD TASTE LIKE YORK PEPPERMINT PATTY. If you get hit with a spell you don’t like, slurp it up like spaghetti and regain some HP.

15. Destroyer’s Blessing
Half the fun of being a half orc is getting rage rounds back when you break stuff. The other half is being green. Always be green.

16. RP: Strength Surge
Make your sunder check no matter what. Or keep standing when the C++ dragon tail whips you down. Or grapple a storm giant and give him a noogie because you want to win a bet.

17. Raging Brutality
Oh hey there doing EVEN MORE DAMAGE. Basically doubles your strength bonus at the cost 3 rounds of rage. You’ve been putting your favored class bonus into extra rounds of that, right? And remembering to get them back when you snap the puny humans’ weapons? BTW, you get to rage cycle now. You have become the alpha and the omega. Mostly the omega.

18. RP: Unexpected Strike
You get to move when I say you get to move.

19. Raging Deathblow

20. RP: Ghost Rager
Eh why not

This build is designed to completely wreck house. At higher levels I’ve been able to drop about 300 points of damage in a single round. It’s not completely dissimilar to optimal barbarian builds and so it doesn’t do anything tricky, but what it does, it does better than anyone else. My first time around playing this I actually took the damaging stuff first (raging brutality et al), but had way too much fun using spell sunder when I got it, so I’ve bumped it up here. Basically, you charge/pounce to a mob, hold them down with come and get me if needed, lather rinse repeat. Gets redonk around level 8, goes doubly redonk at level 12, and is over 9000 redonk at level 17 with rage cycling, the real capstone ability for the barbarian (and, coincidentally, the stopping point for most APs… aww, those poor rogues who never get Master Strike). You could make this build as a human if you want to bump your feat progression some (if you find yourself redlining too much, you may want to swap some stuff around to get Raging Vitality sooner) and get crazy saves via Superstition, but then you lose out on Toothy, which is basically free damage. It’s a trade off. You could even be a full orc if you don’t care a lick for your mental stats/role playing, but damn dude, way to be Captain Buzzkill.


Come at me Brobarian

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